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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rabbits and Easter

Are you thinking about buying a rabbit for Easter? If you are thinking of getting one from a breeder (even a person who is breeding "just once"), or from a pet store, please take a moment to consider adoption. You can purchase a rabbit pretty cheaply from a pet store or a breeder. The rabbit will be small and cute. But they will not be spayed or neutered. Please call around to get prices for that surgery before you think our adoption fee is too high. If you think you can skip the surgery, know that males will spray just like an un-neutered male cat will. There will be a lot of time and energy spent on cleaning your floors, walls and clothing. If you get a girl, and she turns out to be pregnant, are you able to suddenly have 8-10 rabbits to care for? Baby rabbits are small and cute. But they grow up very quickly. They will be full grown before the end of summer. Will the cage you purchase for them now still be big enough for them? Will your children still want to feed them, give them fresh water and hay every day, and interact with them? Rabbits live 8-10 years. How old will your child be when the rabbit is old, and needs extra attention? Will they be more into dating, or sports? Maybe going off to college? Are you willing to take full responsibility for the rabbit? Rabbits are not the best pets for small children. They do not want to be held or cuddled. Is your child old enough to understand that they need to allow the rabbit to be a rabbit? That they could hurt the rabbit by picking them up, or petting them too aggressively? Are you OK with the thought of some property destruction? Even with a well "bunny-proofed" home, the new bunny may pee on the carpet, or chew some furniture and baseboards. This is especially true if they are young and un-neutered. If you have read all of this, and still want to buy from a pet store, please give us a call, or send an email. Stop by the shelter to see how many bunnies are waiting for a home. They are all there because someone had thought it was a good idea to get a rabbit- didn't get them spayed or neutered, and then decided they no longer wanted to be responsible for the bunny. Rabbits are amazing pets. The joy and love received from them is amazing. But they are not low-maintenance pets. And we want to be sure that anyone considering a rabbit knows what they are getting into before they have made that 8-10 year commitment.

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