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About Us

Who we are and what we do
Domestic rabbits are the 3rd most common animal found in shelters.
Several months after Easter, the "dump rate" increases dramatically as people discard their unwanted adolescent rabbits, usually because these individuals impulsively purchased a rabbit on the spur of the moment, or failed to educate themselves on rabbit care and behavior. Other rabbits are turned loose to fend for themselves, usually with fatal results, since domestic rabbits do not have the survival skills to live in the wild. In addition, many pet stores sell rabbits year round.
The House Rabbit Society is a national, nonprofit (501c) all volunteer organization, established in 1989, which works to:
take rabbits in from shelters when their time is up, so they wont be euthanized, and
Educate the public on what wonderful indoor companions rabbits can be.

The Southeaster PA- Delaware chapter of the House Rabbit Society is located in Newport, DE and works with SPCA, Humane Societies and animal shelters in Pennsylvania and Delaware. We offer adoptions of rescued, spayed/neutered and litter box trained rabbits, and pair bonding, and nail trimming.
We are a no-kill foster home and sanctuary, which means the rabbits may stay with us for as long as they need shelter.
Every effort is made to ensure the best match of a rabbits personality to the prospective adopters. Our adoption fee of $85 covers only the expenses for the spay/neuter surgery. We survive on donations!
Your help is welcome and needed. If you would like to help us as we care for abandoned rabbits, please contact us at 302-683-9009.