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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Upcoming Shelter Events

Our Wine for Wabbits fundraiser is coming up quickly- Saturday April 9th, from 4-8pm at Deerfield Fine Wines in Newark, Delaware. (the shelter will be closed that Saturday) Also coming up is our Annual Open House, on May 7th. Both are big fundraisers for the shelter, and we would love to see everyone at one or both of our events. Adoption fees cover a small portion of expenses at the shelter. We rely on donations to cover the daily expenses. We are an All Volunteer Non Profit organization. All donations go directly to the care of the rabbits. The weeks in between the wine tasting and the Open House, we will be doing Spring Cleaning at the shelter. Weather permitting, we take all the cages outside for power washing, and give everything inside a good cleaning. Volunteers are the heart of the shelter. Would you be able spare a few hours on a Saturday to help out? If it is on a spring cleaning weekend, or any Saturday, volunteers are greatly appreciated. If you are thinking about adopting a rabbit, volunteering is a good place to start. If you are going to be a first time Bunny Parent, it is a good way to see what you are getting into. Even for experienced Bunny Parents, it is an excellent way to meet the bunnies and learn who would be the best match for you. Easter is coming up. Please let everyone you know that rabbits are great pets. They just may not be the best for everyone, especially families with very small children. If anyone you know is considering buying a rabbit for Easter, please talk to them about the responsibilities of having a rabbit. And please talk to them about adopting a rabbit that has been spayed/neutered and litterbox trained. Check out to see if a rabbit is a good choice for you. Check out all of our adoptable buns on and However you can help, donating, volunteering, adopting or educating others- Thank you!

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