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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pairs and Trios, Oh My!

It is not the easiest thing to bond two bunnies together. Just like people, some get along wonderfully, and some do not.
If you are thinking of adding more than one bunny to your home, why not consider adopting buns that have already been bonded! They don't take up too much more space than a single bunny.

We have several at the shelter, waiting for their forever homes!
Meet Georgia, Cocoa Puff and S'mores. These girls were born to Dove. Her story is heartbreaking. Dove was found stray by the side of the road. Her mate had been hit by a car, and she wouldn't leave him. She was already pregnant, and gave birth to 7 babies at the shelter. These three sisters are very loving with each other. A trio is 3 times the fun!

Meet Mr. Peepers and Teddi Beara. They are some of our longer time residents. They were put together, and it was Love at First Sight! They dote on each other constantly. Don't think that they wont want affection from you, since they are so bonded to each other. They both love (especially Mr Peepers!) to be petted and loved on by the volunteers at the shelter.

And previously introduced in the blog, but please meet again, Hanson and Mack
Hanson & Mack are cuteness times two! They (& two other brothers) were born just a few days after their mom was rescued by a Good Samaritan where she was discovered living under a car. Mom and her 4 babies were brought to the shelter and put into foster care where they could grow into experienced house bunnies. These loving cuties are very curious and enjoy running around and practicing their binkies.

If you would love to share your home with any of these beautiful pairs or trios, hop over to our adoption application so this bun can start a new life at your home!