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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Updates on bunnies recently adopted from the shelter!

It is good to see Babs happy, in her litter box that she uses like a bed- here she is in her new home:

I just wanted to let you all know that Babs is doing well. Although she is still a little standoffish, she will let me scratch her head without batting at me! I know it will take some time to earn her trust. She is a very good girl when she is roaming around the house. She really likes the dining room area and hides out under the chairs, which is exactly where my other rabbit used to hang out.

Here is an update on The Fonz:
After a very short time we now have a very spoiled bunnie. As you can see he is getting and loving all the attention he can get. He is chattering his teeth on occasion when he is playing on the bed. He has head butted John when he would stop petting him, and will just crawl all over John and Aubrie when they are just letting him roam.

He is spending on average of 3-5 hours at a time out of his cage just roaming the room. He has not yet had an accident and will bounce into his cage, eat and use his litter box and then just jump out and continue his roaming.

He so far has been exposed to Romaine lettuce, fresh carrot tops, grapes, strawberry tops. Grapes and strawberries are not on his "like" list!

Here is an update on Beasley, now names Tundra:

Tundra's doing really well. His fur is beautiful now and he's been eating
regularly for the past few weeks. He seems to be completely settled in his
home finally. He's also turned into quite the little climber! His new
favorite activity is to jump on top of Coco's cage and stretch out while
grooming every inch of her towel while she stretches out in her bed inside
her cage

And here is a picture of Finly

And an update on Whinney

In celebration of Independence Day, we decided to give Whinney some freedom today. She has progressed amazing this week- she takes craisins from Holly, she allows us all to walk up to her to pet her, and she isn’t jumpy when we are around or when she hears normal everyday house noises. She likes when Holly reads to her and she allows us to sit in her pen with her and she walks around us, nudging us out of her way. She only uses her box, doesn’t go anywhere else.

We opened her pen and she immediately began to explore- she sniffed every corner of the two carpeted rooms, did some binky jumps, sped from one room to another with some kicks thrown in, and took a long afternoon nap in the corner.