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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Update on Skylar


Hello to everyone at the SEPA-DE House Rabbit Society!

I wanted to give all the volunteers an overdue update on Skylar. Since I adopted her last August, Sky, as I usually call her, has settled in very well.

She quickly asserted herself as the head of the house - as soon as I bunny-proofed as much of the apartment as I could and let her explore, she set about claiming all of my stuff as hers...the couch was the first place she claimed, followed by my bed as soon as she was able to jump up onto it. She is quite the jumper - the top of my bed is a little under three feet tall, but she can hop up and off it without trouble! Most mornings after I let her out of her pen, she jumps up to join me in bed to nudge me out to feed her. Sometimes she will let me pet her while I'm in "her" nest, and she'll close her eyes and occasionally flop over to let me know how much she enjoys the attention.

My boyfriend is her favorite person - she loves it when he comes over, and binkies when he plays with and pets her.

Sky tolerates my clipping her nails and brushing her coat - a bit of carrot or a homemade bunny biscuit quickly makes sure I'm back in her good graces. The biscuit recipe I got off of the main HRS website - just some ground bunny pellets, ground oats, pureed carrot, and a bit of honey, then the mixture is rolled out and baked 'til it's firm. Sky absolutely loves them!

I hope that many more bunnies are able to find good homes from your shelter. I know they will make people as happy as Sky makes me!

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