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Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Pairs

Hanson and Mack went to a wonderful home today. Yay!

There is still several beautiful pairs at the shelter waiting for their forever homes. Pairs that are already bonded make everything so much easier! And they are twice the fun!

Meet Emme and Redford. Emme is the grey and white lop, and Redford is the handsome red boy. They were adopted a few years ago, and recently returned to the shelter. Nothing they did, which is pretty much always the case. Their human got a new spouse who was allergic to the buns, or their hay. They had a hard time adjusting back to shelter life. It must be scary to be in a home, only to lose it and your humans. Emme had already been passes around several homes before coming to the shelter originally. They are doing so much better now, but it would be great to see them in their new home soon!

This is Tori and Dori. They are very loving sisters. They were born at the Humane Society of Hartford County, after their Mom came into that shelter pregnant.

Below are Parvati and Padma. They are also sisters. Their former family also did not keep them due to allergies.

And although Kane is not a pair, he is the biggest bunny at the shelter right now. He is about 9.5 to 10 pounds. He was found stray the day after Hurricane Irene last year. It was scary being inside during the hurricane. I cant imagine how afraid he was being outside loose during the whole thing! He was brought into the shelter malnourished and with ear infections. He is now a big healthy boy. He loves to break out of his pen so he can have full run of the shelter. He is always a very good boy when he has been out loose, and would do well with free range of the house.

One trend you see in the stories above,is people not wanting their pets anymore due to allergies. Please be sure you and you whole family will be OK before bringing any animal into your home. If you are unsure if anyone has allergies, spend time with another families pets. Maybe pet sit for them for a weekend. You can also volunteer at the shelter. There are also many great medicines out there to control symptoms, and allergy shots are also a big help. Many times people are not allergic to the rabbit, but they are reacting to the hay or the litter box smells. Cleaning the litter box frequently, and keeping the hay in a closed bag or box will help. Unfortunately, many doctors make giving up the animals their very first suggestion before other ways are given a good chance.

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